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Lesson Plans

Elementary Lessons

Sketchbook bookbinding

& Collage Cover

Students will understand that art-making comes in a variety of forms such as bookmaking. Through this project, students will develop a sense of craft that is an essential part of creating this project. Students will interpret and self-evaluate what art means to them and what that might look like. Students will create their own sketchbook using a folding technique to create the pages and design the cover of their book out of whatever media they choose. 

Clay Animal

Pinch Pot Sculpture

Students will use observational skills and technical practice while creating a clay sculptural animal of their choice. Students will make connections between how the elements of art and principles of design work together cohesively in a three-dimensional work of art by incorporating the elements of form and balance while sculpting their work and their relationship to the element of color when applying colored glazes to their sculpture.

Spirit Animal


Students will interpret cultural contexts and identify how this aligns with their own. They will visually interpret this through the use of pattern, texture, and space by creating a visual representation of their spirit animal. Students will create a textured background of their animal and contrast this with a black silhouette. After creating their spirit animal, students will reflect on how personal experiences and cultural influences can relate to this choice of animal.

African Textile


Students analyze the textile artworks created by the African Senufo people of Korhogo and interpret how their culture influences their artmaking. Students will create their own Korhogo textiles by utilizing the techniques practiced by the Senufo people, which emphasized the importance of line, pattern, and color. They will use a variety of pattern techniques based on the artmaking style of Zentangle and incorporate these designs inside the shape of an African animal. These patterns will be enhanced by the incorporation of warm or cool colors surrounding the animal. After creating their project, students will relate their art back to the Korhogo textiles and how they interpreted this style into their personal artmaking. 

High School Lessons

What is a Narrative?



3D Landscapes

Students will analyze the work of other book artists and take notes on their methods and skills behind creating a narrative with paper and other materials. After their research of book artists and narratives, students will be given the problem of creating their own personal story by using a book(s) as a medium, which may be a two-dimensional or three-dimensional project. The project will be a reflection of self in discovering one’s identity. The concept of narrative identity is up to the student, whether they choose to narrate a story of past, present, future, or of an idealistic self.

Students will analyze the process of mono printing by learning the process and techniques behind the type of printmaking.  Students will create a series of their best five prints that demonstrate their use of composition and strong craftsmanship in their work processes.

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